The Other Side of Christie

The Story of Big A

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Here’s the story about this mural, which is located just east of Christie, north of Bloor.

Remember the Satellite Dish?

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Amid the growing ubiquity of Netflix, it is hard to remember that satellite-TV used to be a big deal. To get more than basic TV, people would install large satellite dishes in their backyards. Today, you either get TV via the Web or have a much smaller satellite dish.

Alleys: What Art vs. Graffiti? What’s Both?

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What’s the difference between art and graffiti? As you wander through Toronto’s alley, there is a lot of art, a lot of graffiti and a lot of art/graffiti. It makes for an interesting and colourful open-air “gallery”. Here are some examples of art/graffiti:

Toronto’s Alleys: An Urban Oasis

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You would think that Toronto’s alleys would be barren, graffiti-riddled thoroughfares, but there is a surprising amount of vegetation: trees, bushes and flowers. It’s a slice of wilderness in the urban landscape.  

Toronto’s Alleys: Life is Good

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Toronto has an amazing network of alleys. As someone who spends a lot of time using them for low-traffic bicycling commuting, it’s always fascinating to see the amount of activity. There are businesses, workshops, apartments, wine and tomato sauce “factories” and beautiful gardens. And, of course, there’s a ton of graffiti! For anyone looking for […]

Winter Wonderland, Toronto

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It’s beautiful until the cars, salt and sun make it disappear.