The Other Side of Christie

Biking Up and Down Shaw St.

11.25.13 Posted in General by

As a driver, it has been frustrating to see bicyclists riding up Shaw St. the wrong way – north on a one-way, southbound street. Even though the bicyclists were breaking traffic laws, they didn’t appear to care given the northbound alternatives are Ossington (a four-lane thorough with no bike lanes) or Christie. Shaw, on the […]

Life on the West Side of Christie

10.12.13 Posted in General by

Welcome to “The Other Side of Christie”, a look at what’s happening west of the Annex and Seaton Village. Why the “Other Side of Christie?” When you think about it, that’s how most people describe the neighbourhood when asked where they live. In the past, people have tried to call it “The Oz” to reflect […]